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The Difference Between Us is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan game about Fluttershy on her first date with Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy never knew that Pinkie felt that way about her, and she struggles to figure out what she wants and how she feels about Pinkie as she finds her way through the date.

There are three main routes through the date, and each route has three endings, all with several different variations depending on your prior choices. There's a little drama along the way, but there are no bad endings, just different ways of exploring a new relationship and the new feelings that come with it. All of the mane six as well as the cutie mark crusaders make appearances to offer advice, hang out, or even put on a show. And all along the way, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie will tell stories, share secrets, heal old wounds, and, hopefully, grow a little closer.

The Difference Between Us was made in Ren'Py

UPDATE 4/1 - Fixed a bug that made the text beeps occasionally play even when text speed was set to infinite.


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This game made me ship FlutterPie, and I never shipped FlutterPie before playing this!

I especially love how Pinkie is just very extroverted, rather than loud and annoying.

Great game! Glad I played it!

I went through every possible series/chain of events just so I would get all of the endings and... I regret something. Not nothing. Not everything, just uhh.. Something.

I has always finding games with these themes and such, and so I FOUND IT! And with my lovable characters from one of my favorite cartoons...i just can't say no to this game.

I also love the LGBT+ themes, tho.

That was one good ride, even though I don't follow the show.

Great job, and I've got "Ending 4.A". :)

i'm enjoying this so much!! (i haven't seen all the endings yet but i definitely want to...!)

i haven't watched any mlp in years but i could still hear all the lines in the characters' voices, it really rekindled my love for the series!! i thought fluttershy was especially well-written (she's always been my favorite!) and i was really surprised at how many different paths the story takes, and all the different feelings it explores. there's just so much packed in and all of it is so heartwarming to read!!

thank you so much for making this <3 i just had to leave a comment to say that... i'm really looking forward to any future games you make, too!!

Oh, wow! I've really enjoyed the games of yours I've played, so this means a lot.

It's probably no surprise that Fluttershy is my favorite character, too, hehe. I'm so glad you enjoyed her characterization. Thank you so much!

I came into this game expecting a cute high, but what I found was something that made me actually think. It is cute, certainly, but that’s not the reason why Kratzen gave it four stars. It’s because, mostly, that you have proven yourself a much better artist than most of what I’ve seen. In the past week, this is the first four – star review.

I’ve learned a lot of what you’re getting at, partly from experience and partly from fiction, and I get it. The magic I felt from learning about relationships the first time has been spent. It’s then that I hope that you find as many new faces to read this as you may, for they need it the most, and you have done a good thing in making it.

Sidenote: I laughed my ass off at RD’s text sound. I would have never expected her to squeak.

awesome story, no bug's on Windows/Linux version and possibility to save :) 10/10

This was really a super cute little story, first the art looked a little off to me, but once i contiuned playing and got really invested in seeing Pinkie's and Flutters date go on, it grew on me. I'm certainly happy i played this little gem, really nice work. :3


Ah! I just finished this! <3

I checked this out originally because I thought the art and UI looked so good (even if I'm only very lightly into ponies) but I'm sure glad I did!

I loved the writing and the dialogue and I thought a peek into Fluttershy's anxieties were very good and very relatable. I think my favorite conversation had to be when Applejack and Rarity were talking about love tho-- it was all just VERY FUN TO READ and it resonated with me. I could feel a lot of really genuine stuff reading this and I'm really glad I played thru it a couple of times.

If I had to suggest anything, I would have loved to have a narration bleep to go along with the other bleeps. Because of the lack of music, it just made it feel a 'lil lonely without it! (I know music can be hard to get a hold of, so I totally understand not having it-- tho I'd love to hear some in your next game!)

Other than that, I loved every other bit about the game! The art and backgrounds are all super well made and nice to look at and the UI is VERY NICE, something I always appreciate.

Oh! And if you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know a bit more about your process for making your soundfonts because I also use them and always wanna know about other's processes as well, esp cuz yours are SO NICE!

Over all, I'm very much looking forward to your next project and I'm glad I stumbled upon this!

Thank you so much for your nice comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Hehe, it was a lot of fun to write the Rarity and Applejack section, too.

I used sfxr to make my sounds! It's super old and theres probably better stuff out there now, but it's really easy to use and it can make some pretty neat sounds. I didn't have much of a process to it, really. I think they were all square waves, and I tried different pitches and different effects like rising or falling pitch for each character. Just sort of experimenting and seeing what feels right.

Thank you again for so many nice comments! This was such a wonderful thing to come home to.

You're very welcome, and I'm super glad you liked my comment! I figured it was the least I could do for a game I enjoyed very much! Also, oooh! I check out sfxr and it actually looks like a LOT of what I'm looking for in the future, so thanks so much for this! <3

A nice and cute story, I like it : D

i love the story line.It so cute good job